Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hoping for the Worst (Sorta)

I got some interesting news yesterday afternoon; we're going to be moving soon. Not because our apartment is too small and the bathroom is slowly returning to the Earth (though it totally is). Not because parking is a drag downtown (though it is). Not even because a change might be good for the soul (though it probably would be). Nope, we're going to be moving because, as it turns out, my job at home may not be there by the time I'm done with this protracted assault on the workers of the desert.

Before anyone panics, it's going to be okay. The chances of me being RIF'ed (Reduction In Force) are comparitively small. I do great work, I've only been with the company a short while so I work hella-cheap, and my boss likes me. I know that a boss' love will not always save you, but it doesn't hurt that she's selling me like (insert tasteless prostitute joke here). I even have an interview set up for tomorrow afternoon. For a job in Washington State. Yep, 1200 miles North of my current stash by highway if I stop and see my aunt on the way. And don't worry that I'll jinx the interview. I've had an untold number of interviewing flops in the last several months; this may jinx me into getting the job.

Worst case scenario, I move us into the desert on a full-time basis (no way I'm doing that commute without getting my mileage reimbursed). There's a yarn shop here and I can get air conditioning put into the car, I might just survive. Washington is looking much more liveable long-term though... Any Washington knitters out there who can give me the real scoop on life near the wilds of Sea-Tac?


errs said...

Here's hoping that you get the job and a nice severance package from the old one. ;)

We'll keep fingers and paws crossed.

Heatherly said...

little knits is that area :-)
sue offered me a job there. i wanted to move to seattle so bad a few years ago. wish i could taken the job. you should seee if she is still looking. salary, benefits...and YARN!