Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy Two Thousand..... Eight?

Once again I have taken the idea of vacation to heart and, once again, I have been remiss in keeping y'all updated as to my wheelings and dealings. Well, happy New Year and oh my god is that a sweater?

Yup, that's a sweater. I am a Deep UnderCover Knitter no more (and it looks much better on him now that we spent three days blocking it). It was too warm to wear it during my week off, but it is supposed to start raining tomorrow night, so let's hope the HusBoy remembers his sweater.

Okay, back to the (not a) diet thing. After doing a thorough inventory of the stash, I have decided that acrylic doesn't count, cuz they count it by weight like the precious oil that it's made out of instead of yardage like decent yarn. Counting everything on hand that isn't attached to a WIP/UFO, including stuff I ordered before the first of the year, I have:

18571 yards of yarn in 82.75 skeins. Folks, that's over ten and a half miles, most of it fingering weight. When the hell did I think I'd be knitting over 10 miles of yarn?!? Well, now I have some time to figure it out, because there will be no stash acquisition until I have walked/ran/swam/sashayed 32 miles, approximately 3 yards for every one yard in the stash. There is a treadmill downstairs and I am going pedometer shopping tomorrow for when I'm not in the hotel. Anyone who wants to show their support can post links to great patterns and incredible yarn sales in the comments. I'm going to put on some lycra and get a head start.


trek said...

Bet you didn't know that the federal regulations for labeling yarn require only weight and not yardage. It's true. I read some of the state and federal laws surrounding yarn labeling. You should really include the acrylic. Just go online to the manufacturers' web sites to find yardage. Or estimate: you know that 4oz of worsted is about 200 yards...

Happy miles

errs said...

The sweater is awesome! I admire your commitment to walking off your stash. I don'tknow if I've got the the fortitude to tally up all my yards (miles -- what's larger than a mile????)