Sunday, February 18, 2007


In order to complete some projects there has been a teeny-tiny bit of yarn acquisition going on. Since KFYS 2007 (for me, at least) is all about cumulative stash usage, I thought I'd go through and give some examples of Stashonomics in action:

The Heart Tank:

Originally had 3.75 balls of K1C2 Angora Soft. Traded 2 balls of stash yarn for 1 additional ball of Angora Soft. 3.75 + (2 - 1) = 4.75 net balls of yarn out of the stash + 1 nifty tank once it's done.

The Felted Birdhouse Purse:

Originally had 5 balls of WotA in various colors. Purchased 2 balls of Hush WotA for main body. Though this project will not use all the yarn involved, I have been inspired to knit up another leetle handbag to felt to use up the rest of the goodness. 5 - 2 = 3 net balls of yarn out of the stash + 2 gifts once completed.

Boy's Holiday Socks:

Originally had 1 skein Mountain Arts Bearfeet. This yarn is so faboo that I will most likely end up buying another skein for myself on my birthday next weekend, so it's probably a wash. 1 -1 = 0 net skeins of yarn out of the stash + 2 pairs of socks and my first pair of designed socks. I am terribly proud of how these socks are coming out, especially since I designed them while coming home on the train one afternoon.

Wedding Stuff:

We found the bestest place to hold the wedding ceremony, but it looks like it might be cold on an April afternoon. In order to combat this eventuality, I was thinking of knitting myself an I Do shrug. Originally possess no white yarn, so if I go through with it I'll be adding yarn to the queue. 0 - 9 = 9 net skeins of yarn added to the stash + my sanity, modesty, and warm arms. Some things just don't fit into the Stashonomics model...

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