Saturday, February 10, 2007


Hellooooo! Anybody out there? My posts have not been showing up on my Yahoo homepage, so I'm not sure if anyone knows I've been updating the blog or not...
I had a hard time figuring out what order to put all the things that are overwhelming me at the moment. Meaningless wedding crap first, or the truly touching thing I received today.

Let's go with touching first:

Naomi of Knits in Church sent me a box out of the blue today. Inside was this ball of silk she spun on the spindle I traded her. She spun it with silk and good wishes for Boy and I after the hard few months we've gone through. This is what I've found so amazing about our online knitting community; I have run into so many absolutely wonderful people all over the country. Thank you for your kind thoughts and gorgeous spinning Naomi, it touched both of our hearts immensely!

Knitting-wise, I am reaching project overload. The mess you see above will be a felted birdhouse purse for my ITE3 pal (trust me, she'll love it!). That added to everything else on the WIP list, and you can see how nothing is getting done. You may notice that the chuppah is still on the list. Hey, didn't I say that the crocheting was done?

Yep, there's weaving too. Lots of weaving. Lots of tedious, boring weaving. I think I figured out a good way to get it done, but it's going to take a movie or two before I can get this project really and truly into the finished item list.

I ordered my first wedding thingy with the wedding date on it (one of those engraved signature photo mats), which completely freaked me out. I will also most likely be making all the wedding arrangements (places, dates, etc.) and ordering invites this week. Everything is suddenly falling into place and it's absolutely terrifying.

And the runner up in the Your-Thumbs-Aint-So-Special contest?

Stinker picks things up with her claws as if they were fingers. She usually does this with pens, but I caught her with a bell tonight. Her adopted sister used to do something similar with french fries, but she is a little piggy. Stinker is just plain clever.

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Anonymous said...

Stinker is one clever kitty! Have a good weekend, Your Tote Exchange III pal