Friday, February 02, 2007

An Embarrassment of Riches

You should never speak poorly of anyone in a public forum, because you never know what the universe has up her sleeve... I know I didn't exactly bash my KR swap buddy, but I still feel bad for thinking she had forgotten me. Turns out that she was just out of touch for a few weeks... Anyway, she loved the gift box I sent her, and look what I got from her this morning!

I was just thinking this morning that it was high time I tried out some Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn (it was the design contest, guess the promotion worked!). There's also some Noro Silk Garden in my favorite colors, some jasmine tea, and the chocolate I eat until someone takes it away from me. Thank you Erika, these are all my favorite things!

I let ClaireG, my super-duper angel, know what was going on. You know what that sweet woman did? She made this:

my first wedding present. I am enraptured. I can't think of anything a newly married couple needs more (well, a newly married couple in which one is a cable-obsessed knitter). If anyone knows Claire in real life, give her a big old hug for me? And one for yourself too, I'm not stingy!

FO Incoming!

I finally finished the first F&F beaded wristwarmer last night!

It was not time consuming at all, I just haven't been knitting like I used to... It's so hard to get in commute knitting when you're the one driving! It is comforable, warm, and pretty. Once I get a chance to knit for myself again, I am so making myself a pair of both. Hmm, I have some Cherry Tree Hill that would be perfect =)

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