Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Knitter 1 Calimari 0

I've had a strange weekend. Our families met for the first time and hit it off splendidly, I had the worst case of food poisoning ever, and my folks have decided that we have to change the wedding venue with 82 days to go. I was actually thankful for the break that two straight days of extreme icky-sickiness afforded me away from the planning nonsense. Pity us, the poor wretches in wedding hell...
To try to relieve some of the stress, I am fullfilling my blogly obligations with an update post. I don't like posting in update format. It means that I've neglected you all so long and have so much to tell you that I can only hit the highlights. I also think I'm not as funny in update format, but I will make a special effort today!


I participated in the Knitter's Review Holiday Gift Exchange this year, though with everything going on around the holidays this year I forgot to blog about it. I had a great time putting together a cute little package for my partner, I even forced myself not to read the book I got her. Then I never heard anything back. I have been in a few exchanges and have met some wonderful folks; I've never been forgotten before... Good news is, an angel has already volunteered to send me a little something to take a way the sting of rejection.
The best thing to do in these situations is to jump back on the horse. Enter the International Tote Exchange!

Luckily, my tote-ee has simular tastes to me, so I'm really looking forward to making her something spiffy!

Project Shuffle

I am taking a break from the chuppah in order to work on this:

This is the beginnings of the Heart Tank from the Winter Knit.1. I haven't picked this magazine up before; the projects just didn't appeal to me. Mid-January I was suffering from wedding burnout and needed a knitting fix, so I picked this up. Though I was originally attracted to the smaller format, the new format uses a more diverse selection of yarns and has some really neat patterns in it. I was also a ball short on the K1CToo Angora Soft I wanted for this project, so I get to trade with Stacey of On & Off the Needles. I am meeting so many nifty people lately!

I would also like to introduce the first FO of the year, the Fantasia Feather & Fan Socks!

I thought it was really nifty that the socks matched the colors of sports drink Boy got to prevent me from dehydrating into a yarn-grasping husk. I'm seriously hoping that, once the nuptial insanity subsides, I will be able to whip out a FO faster than one a month. I'm crawling along with the matching beaded wristwarmers, seen blurrily below:

I'm off to look at some cabled tote patterns and work on my little tank sweater. Stay out of the rain!

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