Thursday, January 04, 2007

Change of Plans

Wow, I haven't posted since last year! Happy 2007 y'all!

In characteristic Knitting Wounded style, I have changed my plans. Instead of agonizing about which yarn to get, figuring out how to pay for it, and then spending three (yes, I'm down to less than four) months knitting my chuppa, I have decided to go the more economical route.

I'm not sure if I've ever posted a picture the never-ending afghan, but here she is:

This is also a stunning photo of the cat giving me the stink eye, but she's smiling and probably doesn't mean anything by it.
This is a big change of plans in a few ways, but the way that will probably mean the most to you guys is this: the afghan is a crochet project...
I know, I know. I started it when I was young and naive and couldn't figure out how to purl. Anyway, the blue acrylic (I know, I know) is from Boy's aunt and deserves to see the light of day. I'll be getting a chronic WIP off my back, have a nice, if not quite as impressive, handmade chuppa, and be saving a bungload of money by using yarn I already have instead of buying more and swelling the stash. That's money that could be used to buy a bigger wedding cake, preprinted invitations (a girl can only be so crafty and keep her day job), and/or more rubber duckies! My only concern is that I'll somehow run short and be forced to search the internet for more colonial blue acrylic.
In the interest of saving money for the upcoming nuptuals and honeymoon (Boy and I have never even had a real vacation before!), I have decided to hop on yet another bandwagon:

I have discovered something about myself: I am a chronic joiner. I am often peeved when I find out that a nifty KAL or swap is going on and I've missed it because I'm not paying attention or not reading the right blogs. My involvement admittedly improves the frequency of my blogging, though the quality is always in question... My Summer of Stash experience was a good one, so I thought, hey, why not try a whole year? I more than enough yarn to last the rest of the decade:

Trust me, it's much more impressive once it's fluffed up. Heck, this doesn't even have the sweater yarns in it! I figure if there's anything I need for holiday gifting, I could pick it up in October. (It didn't seem so long until I typed in October. Whew boy.)

Since I have soooooo much sock yarn already, I've decided to trade in the sock yarn exception for a honeymoon exception. I already have a list of yarn shops I am planning to decimate while in San Francisco. And of course, I can always pick up more sock yarn while I'm there... Anyone have a favorite shop up there?

Anyone wondering why we're not doing something more traditional, like Hawaii? A) We both have family in Hawaii. It would be weird. B) SF is a whole lot easier on the old budget, and C) No yarn shops on Maui. Nuts to that.

I guess that's enough blathering for now. I think I'll snuggle in with a cup of tea and a hook now. Wish me luck!

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