Monday, January 01, 2007

2006 Finished Objects List

Mitzvah Red Scarf
Trekking F&F Socks
Laugh-In Armlets
Jellyfish Shawl
Kid Classic OSW
Angora Knitted Bodice
Cotton Candy Lace Scarf
Mystery KAL Socks
Shiver Lace Scarf
KidSeta Laceweight Scarf
Knitted Cupcake Trio
Simple Stripes Socks
Chocolate Mariah
Baby Yoda Sweater
More Leetle Shepherd Footies
Leetle Shepherd Footies
Pink Gumball Footies
Ann's Twisty Wrap
Pink Crusoe Socks
Jessie's Ribble Socks
Acrylic Nightmare Scarf
Sweet Pear Shawl
Jen's Bubby-Kitty
The Syracuse Socks
Janet's Farmhouse Scarf
Cashsoft Japanese Armlets
Dad's Birthday Socks
Noro 1-skein hat and Scarf
Winter Star-Beaded Hat
Roommate Headband
Roommate Hat
Boy's Socks #2 in Cashsoft
Knitty Kitty
Beaded/Felted Rowan Scarf
Boy's Socks #1

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