Sunday, December 10, 2006

Oh What A Night

What a night not to bring my camera! Last night we went to Boy's company Christmas party and had a lovely time. We first went over to one of his co-worker's house and helped his family decorate while waiting for the party to start. We all got along splendidly, especially in light of the fact that they spoke very little English and we spoke even less Spanish. The knitting needles came in quite handy when it came time to stringing the more stubborn ornaments.

Then we went to the official company party at
Cha Cha Cha in Silverlake. The food and service was excellent; the only thing that would make me hesitant to recommend it to out-of-towners would be the neighborhood around it, same deal with the original Tommy's. Great food, wonderful tradition, but have a local go with you after dark. I met all of the folks in Boy's stories, ate some faboo mago chicken, and had a great time passing around the sock and telling people the reason we didn't have kids was because Boy's head was too big (hey, they asked).

My new fancy-schmancy KIP bag performed splendidly (Designer Issac Mizrahi, $15.00, though you'll pay less on

When the party broke up (okay, the restaurant threw us out, they only reserved the tables for a few hours), a bunch of folks were heading over to a club and invited us along.

Yes, the sock went clubbing:

sock seen here with my water bra :)
I had two drinks the whole night (mostly ice), dragged Boy onto the dance floor quite a few times, and had a fantastic time. (some guy did ask me if I wanted a drink, but the sock was in its bag at the time, so I'm not counting that). Went outside, took my shoes off, and stood in the pouring rain eating a hot dog with grilled onions from a cart outside, fantastic time. Took one of Boy's other coworkers home and watched him do a Towlie impression trying to get in the door of his building.

Take me down, to funky town. Fantastic.

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