Saturday, December 02, 2006

Top 5

In lieu of an actual post, here are top five reasons the knitter in me is glad I'll soon be permanently off the market:

1. No having to explain the stash to a new beau:

This isn't even all of it, this is what I took out of my yarn bin when I sorted it out. It's even harder to explain as a new boxes of wool are delivered.

2. I've never heard of any guy sending a drink to the girl at the bar knitting the sock.

3. Imagine hunting out prospective husbands by foot size.... Boy is the last size 13 I'll be knitting for.

4. I'm with someone who understands, nay, anticipates yarn detours when we're out and about.

This is my souvenier yarn from Temecula. Quickie Yarn Shop Review: I only ran in for a few minutes to grab some needles I forgot to bring with me and some "postcard" skeins, but the Temecula Valley Yarn Company is well-stocked, small-dog friendly, with some of the most thoughtful and friendly staff I've run into. Highly recommended.

5. I get to knit my own chuppa

Wanna do it too? I'm thinking of starting a KAL for the Dayflower Daydream Shawl in Shawls and Scarves: The Best of Knitter's Magazine. I'll get something up and running as soon as I can figure out how to do it; no reason I should spend four months driving myself bonkers alone...

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aija said...

Congratulations on your engagement!! :) I think its awesome you're knitting your chuppah... my sister was married under one-- that'd be great to knit your own!