Thursday, November 23, 2006


Happy Turkey Day all! ( I keep referring to it as "Rape of the New World" day, but that's Columbus Day, my bad).

Things I am thankful for:

I was finished cooking at 4:30 am this morning.

I'm not sure how this happened, but it has become the tradition at work for me to cook for the office on Thanksgiving. The turkey, potatoes, and dressing were started last night, cooked early this morning, and were picked up by the morning manager and delivered to the hungry hoards at work. If there will be any food left when I arrive for my shift this afternoon remains to be seen. Don't worry though, Boy's family will be sending him home with a plate for me.

Stinker is quite upset; the house smells of delicious food that she didn't even get a good look at. When I stumbled into the kitchen at 3am to baste I found her in the kitchen staring at the oven.

That I can order from Knitpicks at 2am on a Sunday:

The Jellyfish Shawl is on hiatus for the moment. Can you guess why?

Yep. Ran out of yarn.

I would like to go on the record and say that I have lived my knitting life in constant worry about running out of yarn My socks all have shorter cuffs than the pattern specifies because I'm afraid I'll get to that second toe and "Whoops!", all out of yarn. I have balls and balls of leftovers from my larger projects because I was terrified ending up a sleeve too short. Well, it finally happened, and you know what? No big deal. So what if the dye lot on the new ball is off? It's not a lapse in knitterly judgement! It's a design element! Really!

Finished Objects:

Running out of jellyfish yarn was probably a blessing; I was starting to get knitter's burnout from not finishing anything in so long. I would like to present the first Trekking F&F sock, finished at the hospital Tuesday. Its sister is already on the needles, but is not much to look at yet.

The Wonderful Knitters (psst, that's you!)

I am really thankful for everyone's support through this rough patch as Boy's father recovers. Things took a turn for the worse after he came out of surgery, but we're hoping that the worst is behind us. I also want to thank:

Aija at SockP*rn. The Koigu is absolutely wonderful and currently trying to seduce me from my other projects.

Wendy at Wendy Knits! for saving my butt with a great pie recipe when the grocery stores were all out of traditional pie crusts. She has a registry at Heifer International if you want to give back to the world and be in the running for knitting prizes. Check with your work to see if they have a donation-matching program to make your gift go further.

and Apologies to Stephanie at Knit it in Black, Please I finally get your prize from the Knitting Poll contest out and forget to tell you who it was from. Glad you like the cotton & bamboo goodies!

My Leetle Family

Aren't they cute!

Give your loved ones a big hug and stuff yourself silly today. Try the hug first, no one wants Uncle Bob to rupture something.

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Anonymous said...

They are adorable! And I hope Boy's father is fighting the good fight.