Friday, November 03, 2006

Quit Googling Yourself; Other People Need To Use The Computer, Too!

Top 10 search results on Google for "Becka needs":

  1. Becka needs to comment on my new post.
  2. Becka needs to have this damn baby so she can wear her tight little panties like the slore she is.
  3. Becka needs to hook me up with a sweet UI too.
  4. Becka needs help with TIM BURTON.
  5. Becka needs to report and bill for her time on these grants to get reimbursed.
  6. I think all Becka needs to do for us is pay our bills and go shopping for us.
  7. Becka needs to apologize.
  8. Becka needs to come to dba and dance with curly Murly!
  9. Becka needs more intelligence.
  10. Becka needs to go home.

I couldn't agree more.

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