Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Heads Up!

First of all, thanks to everyone who has been commenting! I rarely get an email to tell me if someone has commented, so if you asked me a question, please ask it again at lastinsiteatverizondotnet.

I apologize for not posting for so long, but a whole lot of stuff has been going on in the knitting wounded tent. To make up for my negligence, I am hereby forgoing dishwashing tonight to give you all this highlight reel:

Boy's father is back in the hospital and not at all well. Like I'm-not-sure-I-should-tell-Boy-what-"Stage Four"-means not well. Having lost my mother to the same sort of ailment, it's been up to me to prepare Boy with the worst case scenario. Good news is that the old man is not that old, has a team of very good doctors, nurses, and aides, and that he is an onery S*B that will not take this lying down. I give us at least even odds of beating this thing.

This has somehow become this:

An amorphous jelly-fish sort of thing? Hopefully it will become the Janet shawl from Knitpicks once I've blocked it, but I have serious doubts. It turns out that shawl knitting can be excellent hospital knitting. There are parts where you have to actually pay attention to what you're doing, a bit of mindless knitting, and the circular construction makes it feasible to yank on your needles and drop what you're doing if need be. I am currently on row 50 of 98, which I guess means I'm about a quarter to a third done with it. Damn these expanding rows...

I've also been working on a feather-and-fan sock. Not suprisingly, it seems like the rest of Blogtopia has already gotten the same idea. At least I'm riding the wave this time; I usually come in about six months or a year behind...

I think the yarn and the pattern go swimmingly together. Normally I pick a pattern and yarn that are faboo by themselves but don't work together. Maybe I've started on the path to better yarn-pattern connections? I mean, look at how happy this sock is!

Lookout freshman, I'm going back to school. I met with a counselor today and we figured out a class I could take to finish up my associates degree and only actually show up to campus six times the whole semester. Hot damn, I'm finally gonna get that sheepskin!

I've been going a bit of spinning, but, honestly, it looks a whole lot like the first two singles. I'll take some more pictures once I start plying.

I finally ordered the yarn for Jolie. After much consideration, I decided to go with an unknown yarn: Totem in Hematite Red. It's not on the website anymore, but I'll give you the skinny once the order comes in. Why did I go with this yarn? I liked the color, I liked the name of the color, and I liked that I was getting a wool blend. I live in Southern California; it was 86 degrees yesterday for crying out loud. The fact that I got more than enough for my whole sweater for less than $25 also made me a little more apt to try something new. Jolie will probably be my next big project if I ever get to the end of the jellyfish.

I also want to tell you all about the great not-so-LYS I went to in Temecula. Someone remind me to post a critique?

If the jellyfish turns out well, I'll need to start another shawl right after the holidays. I'm thinking about another round shawl, but I'm open to suggestions. Anyone know of a really nifty, super impressive shawl pattern I could reasonably finish within, let's say, four months? Big emphasis on reasonably here...

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