Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Fiber Ninjas Strike

Check this out:

Following the directions in Spin-It, I took a tiny tiny bit of the Desert Daybreak batt I bought from Spritely Goods and made my first tiny tiny bit of yarn! Check it out, my first slub!

Then, this morning on my way to work, the Fiber Ninja's dropped this off at my house:

(That's not one of the ninjas by the way, it's just my mum's troll).

I used one of the samples to make my first spindle yarn:

I can see how this could become addictive... I still wish I had someone to show the "ropes". Hee-hee, I made a funny!

I've had this fiber for years and years; I don't know what it is but I took it out of someone's tree. I think the time has come for it to meet it's destiny.


Anonymous said...

look out - first it's fiber ninja's bringing you a taste of fibers, and then after you are hooked - you will find yourself surfing the web in the wee small hours looking for another fix.

Needing that one more small bit of exotic fiber that you've not spun before.

I don't know if you were warned - but it's too late now.


Annie said...

Temptation thou art roving... you're killing me with the spinning posts!! Must not start spinning!! (yet...)