Saturday, August 26, 2006

Massive ReStashing

Even though it is usually easier and sometimes substantially less expensive to buy my yarn accoutrements online, I believe in supporting local businesses and contributing to the success of the little gals. This is why I prefer to go to my LYS for my knitting needs, though I admit that I haven't bought anything there since I got all p-o'ed on my birthday. After abstaining for so long, I made plans to raid the shop during their anniversary sale this weekend with the little bit I saved over the summer.

I thankfully didn't have another bad experience like I had on my birthday; everyone was very nice, though the store was a little hectic. Funny enough, nothing on my list was on sale, but I walked out a happy knitter. The best part is that I have a plan for everything I picked up, so if you ignore the fact that my best-laid plans tend to get discarded by my best-laid whimsy, it was a very productive trip.

I got my Rowan fix out of the way:

Rowan Kid Classic in Peat, 25% off
Probably a 1-Skein Wonder or ?

Rowan Big Wool Tuft in Powder Puff, 50% off (I totally cleaned them out)
Scarf for my aunt or cousin (see Shiver)
Rowan Big Wool Tuft in Shiver, 50% off (got all of this, too)
Scarf for my aunt or cousin (see Powder Puff)
I have been debating picking up some Lorna's Laces to knit up a shawl, but could never justify spending that much on something that would end up being for me. Well, I guess I jumped that particular hurdle:
Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace in Tahoe, 25 % off
Shawl for me

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Tahoe, full price (eh, can't win 'em all)
Socks for me to match shawl for me
I feel a bit guilty blowing this much money on myself, but how cool will it be to have a matching shawl and sock set? I was thinking of using the shawl pattern that came on the yarn band, but I'd like to use the same lace pattern for both socks and shawl. Any suggestions?
Then, there was this lying on the bed when I came home:
Well, this and 11 of their closest cousins. I am hot to start the Knitted Bodice, but my hands and I are having issues. I want to knit, my hands want to cramp up and keep me up at night, the ingrates. After I hunt down a suitable patter I'll probably start one of the big tuft scarves; some big needle action may be just what I need after all the sock knitting I've been doing lately.

I'm going to have to do some cleaning up to find space for the new stash. I was thinking that I may take a picture of stash in it's entirety, but I was afraid of horrifying you all. Then I thought, hell, some of you probably can't get your whole stash in frame, I have nothing to be ashamed of...

In the interest of making room, may I introduce my current scarf project?

This is the scarf pattern and KidSeta that the illustrious JenKatt sent me in a SP8 package. I was too retarded to handle the KidSeta on its own, so I've combined it with some stash Rowan dkSoft to give it some more substance.

I think it works.


Anonymous said...

You are not retarded! The scarf looks great. I'm jealous over the Helen's Lace. I haven't jumped that hurdle yet to buy some even tho I fawn over it every time I see it. If I find a pattern, I will send it your way!

trek said...

Loving the Tahoe colorway! Good scores.