Thursday, June 29, 2006

Done for now...

I stayed home today. The nausea/fatigue I've been quietly (I think Boy just snickered) suffering for three weeks just became too much to bear. So I call my doctor again to try to make an appointment. One of her staff was gracious enough to answer the phone today and schedule me.

For August 1. Over a month away.

To Boy's credit, his first instinct was to go over there and rail at the injustice of the whole thing until the doctor would agree to see me. To my credit, I would not let him. Like I want 19-year-old straight out of one of those daytime tv "institutes" poking me with a needle when she's pissed off. Anyway, I'm not losing any significant weight, so it's not a huge deal. I'm just miserable...

So I stayed home, read Wicked and worked on Crusoe. The book was good, but I think it's a little pretentious to put a "what your book club should discuss" section in your book, that's what websites are for.... I also figured out that I can knit these socks and read at the same time, which is how I've made it up to the toe already, but I was too lazy miserable to take an updated picture. But I'll post this instead:

The sock rules, but the lavender kitty pants make me look impossibly huge. (The pictures in this post are all generously cropped to avoid anyone being grossed out by how pudgy I've been lately.)
May I present, for your voyuristic pleasure, the blocked Chocolate Mariah!

Too big? Even for me, yes, a little bit. Thankfully, my secret pal came to the rescue and bolstered my faith in my ability to block, so I didn't despair too much. Unfortunately, I cannot add this to my FO list as I have not procurred the necessary 24" zipper. It's too hot to mess with anything larger than a sock anyway.

Oh, and I have an RSS feed now! How the heck did that happen? I just subscribed to myself today, in hopes that seeing my blog with "no posts in the last three days" under it will shame me into more timely updates.

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