Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Syracuse Recap

I'm back!

I don't want to bore everyone to tears with every minute detail of my cross-country expedition, so here are the highlights:

~Began the Syracuse Socks in the Long Beach Airport; had no trouble getting my needles through security. I love bamboo!
~My new Razr phone died somewhere between Long Beach and Phoenix - software issue. Verizon Wireless replaced it my third day in Syracuse.
~My left contact lens went down the sink Day 2. Crap.
~Taught my class the basic knit stitch during a training presentation. I think I infected inspired at least two people to eventually take up the needles!
~Finished the back and started the second sleeve of the Chocolate Mariah. I'm getting there, slowly but surely...
~Walked to the Knitting Connection on Saturday and met the nicest group of knitters I have ever met. They let me join in on their knitting circle, appropriately ooh'ed and ahh'ed at the nearly finished first Syracuse sock. We all talked and laughed and knit; it was the best day of my entire trip. I bought some ChiaGoo needles (I am loving the size 15 bamboo straights, but the laser-cut logo on the size 1 & 2 dpns may become an issue) and some Farmhouse merino which I started whipping up into my standard scarf while I was sitting and gabbing. I would encourage anyone who is sick of stuffy, stuck-up, and down-right rude LYS's to check this place out. Many thanks to owner Judy and the rest of that delightful crowd; your thank you card is in the mail!
~The lovely brown variegated wool scarf went to my very grateful Verizon instructor who was absolutely fascinated watching me knit it during happy hour at the hotel. I may have lost some souvenir yarn, but I may have infected inspired someone to start knitting. Good trade in my book.
~I met Jill Evans from Bean's Stock! She brought me the neatest needle case I have ever seen, Hawaiian Chocolate. I have wanted a needle case forever, but didn't want one that looked like my grandmother's sofa (actually, my grandmother has an awesome sofa, but I'm trying to work the stereotype here). This is gorgeous and, as an added bonus, has chocolate in the name (I seem to be collecting things named Chocolate). If you've read her blog you know she's been really busy lately, but she still made time to drive it down to my hotel and make a little small-talk with me the night before I left. How am I the only one who's bought this little gem?!? Do us all a favor; check out her shop and help support a very nice knitter.
~I bought the new Yarn Harlot book. I appreciate that she's come out with a more technical (read: legit) knitting book, but I miss almost wetting myself every few pages... Not what I was expecting, but I won't penalize her for my preconceptions; I rate it 5 out of 5.
~Dinosaur Bar-B-Q, Coleman's Pub, Justin's Grill, The Green Onion, and every other restaurant out there rocks. I must have gained 10 pounds!
~By the time I touched down in Long Beach I was halfway through the toe on the second Syracuse sock. I finished the pair Saturday morning. Thanks to the girls for the faboo Lorna's laces sock yarn!

I should get going; we're meeting Boy's clan for Not-Easter dinner tonight and I need some time to get mentally prepared... Oh, if you're itching for some cheap merino sock yarn, KnitPicks is putting a bunch of their yarn on clearance. Yarn for 7 pairs of socks for about $40, count me in!

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