Sunday, April 30, 2006

I'm Blocking! I'm Blocking!

No really, I'm blocking!!! I finished up the knitting on the Sweet Pear shawl for my grandmother this afternoon. After returning from Jen's 20th birthday shin-dig (Dotty, thanks again for the grub and the hospitality) I wove in about a million ends and got down to blocking business.

1. Strung 50 lb fishing line through the top for a straight edge.
2. Hung the ends off nails/thumbtacks in my entryway wall.
3. Sprayed the bugger down with my "Stinker, stop ripping up the carpet" spray bottle.
4. Tacked down the bottom corner with another thumbtack.
5. Prayed like all hell the whole thing wouldn't disintegrate overnight.

It seems too easy... Please let me know if I've forgotten something. Here's the specs: Recycled Cotton/Ramie blend yarn (don't remember percentages, my bad), 4 ply with virtually no twist. Knitted on size 15 needles in garter stitch.

Oh, and for those wondering what we got Jen for her birthday: A "Knit-It" legwarmer kit (can't beat clearance at Target), a little book of sign-language, a book of poetry by Jewel, and a kitty-version of Bubby from Knitty. We'll also be getting them something nifty for their housewarming; they move in on Thursday, so there's no time to knit anything too nifty.

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