Saturday, March 25, 2006

Now I really give up...

Okay, remember when I dug out my old SLR and took pictures of all my goodies? Well, I took the film to the Rite-Aid down the street and put my film in and requested a photo CD with them. I go back to pick them up, no CD included. I ask about it, and the snotty girl behind the counter gets off her cell phone just long enough to tell me they don't do the photo CD's there. Then why have it advertised?!?

Okay, I'm breathing again.

One of my coworkers got into a car accident Wednesday (hurt his hand a bit, totalled the truck), so I went and covered his shift on Thursday and totally forgot to call my dad and wish him happy birthday. I'm such a putz. I called him tonight and he was totally cool with it. He's 51 as of yesterday; I think the fact that he's getting older and has gotten no grandchildren out of his "slutty" daughter is starting to get to him. We don't argue about Boy anymore, but we don't talk about him either... Dad's birthday socks are done and waiting to be shipped out. I've also finished one of my arm warmies out of the cashmere/merino blend. I am really getting to love Rowan yarn, but it's an expensive affair.

I'm going to sleep now; I am going to start packing in the morning. Moonbeam will also be calling and waking me up as soon as she lands in Pennsylvania (she hates flying, so I hoped that having someone to call at the end of the ordeal would make her feel better). Goodnight!

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