Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Boy, it has been a long time. Months and months to be precise but not exact. I'm going to level with the two people who have not yet unsubscribed from my increasingly neglected blog.

I was seduced.

Blogging, even in my limited capacity, without regular features or even regular publishing, can be a lot of work. On the other hand, the Ravelry boards and Facebook don't even require full sentences, let alone cognitive thought. So I got lazy and, with a few sweet words and a little tickle under the chin, I was reduced to quick-and-dirty one-liners. Before I knew it I was having to be careful about what I said because I was being broadcast directly to coworkers: superiors and subordinates, far-flung family members, and random acquaintances I linked up with during my brief flirtation with Farmville.

And for keeping up with family and friends and figuring out who's bbq I'll be mooching from attending, Facebook is awesome. But the blog is not necessarily for the general public. It is for me and it is for a more select audience. An audience that will flinch with me when I share the 200g of meticulously rescued laceweight cashmere that I ended up selling for a paltry $7, and understand my struggle as I submit myself to the most stringent knit-diet I have ever devised in order to finally land a spinning-wheel guilt-free. I missed you, my fellow fiber nuts.

So I'm back, hopefully for good but we're far too smart to bank on that, right? I'll go into the diet and share about my latest and last (fingers crossed) surgery another time. Thanks for hanging in there or just showing up out of the blue. Cheers!

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