Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Deep in the Heart

Wow, it has been just about forever since I've blogged, right? I swear I've sat at the computer almost every day intending to blog and... nothing. So, for being so patient, I have a story:

Once upon a midnight dreary a knitter was sitting around after a long drive home from work waiting for her husband to come home from the graveyard shift. As she sat and read and thought about napping, the house phone began to ring. Mildly irritated by the phone that only telemarketers and other weirdos call ringing so late at night, the knitter decided to ignore it.

But the phone kept ringing.

And ringing.

And ringing.

Until the knitter, fully prepared to give the persistent telemarketer/weirdo the riot act, picked up the phone and heard: "Is The Knitter there?"

The voice on the other end of the line ended up being one of the knitter's long-lost sisters (though opinions do differ on which one of us was long-lost). It turns out that the sister had been trying to find the knitter (who knew she'd be in the phone book?) for months and months and had been calling the listed number when no one was home and had decided to try one more time just when the knitter was home reading and contemplating a nap.

So, when the Knitter got sick, not one but two sisters came to visit her, just in case (though no one mentioned the "just in case" part). Once the knitter got better, she went out to Texas to visit not two but three sisters. It was the first time all of them had ever been in the same room and all were pleased to discover that they were a lot alike and even liked each other, especially the part about the knitter usurping the position of the youngest sister.

So the knitter discovered that she wasn't quite so alone in the world as she thought she was, and the sisters probably discovered that they are much more like their mother than previously suspected, since her four daughters are so alike.


aija said...

It's a really nice story :) Glad to see you stopping by the blog again!

Aunt Kathy said...

I love my sisters, we are alike in many ways and total opposites in others. I am blessed I am the oldest and my one sister lives next door to me, and the other one is 5 blocks away. Can't get any better that than, right?

jerry said...

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