Monday, December 22, 2008

Why I Haven't Blogged

If there is anything at all you can expect from this blog, it is excuses. This post is no exception; in fact, it is all excuses for why I haven't been a good blogger:

According to Ravelry, I am the only person on Earth to actually finish knitting the Greta Garbo Garden hat from Lace Style. Unfortunately, it won't be getting to my sister by Christmas, as the box I needed to pack it in ended up too big to be sent priority without investing a considerable sum.

Speaking of the holidays...

The various holidays we celebrate during this fabulous winter season have kept me on my toes, as has the economic downturn that unexpectedly turned the Husboy into a Houseboy. Don't worry, we're sure he will get something new soon (if I don't kill him before I go back to work myself). In the meantime he has picked up all the cooking and did all the holiday cookie baking this year.

I have done an unprecedented amount of holiday knitting (see the Evangeline mitts, knitted last-second for the HusBoy's grandmother's Hanukkah present below). I have pictures of the hemp dishcloths I knitted for my grandmum on my cell, but darned if I remember how to get them off.

Another thing to note in this picture is the "new" storage bench in the background. I picked a Lane cedar storage bench from the local rescue mission thrift store for about sixteen dollars. I then took it to my dad's, where we proceeded to rip off the broken bottom support, strip, stain, carve and attach new feet, and reupholster the seat. It still looks a bit beat up, but along with the various materials this fabulous and functional beauty cost me less than $50. It pays to know your way around the power tools.

This is Spaghetti. The yellow stuff around Spaghetti is splattered baby food. Spaghetti is a baby dove (pigeon, whatever) who got his little head nearly pecked in by another pigeon in the enclosure. His mum, probably seeing him as a lost cause and wanting to ensure the survival of his sister, decided to stop feeding him. When Dad and I found the little guy we thought he was dead. If he hadn't moved his little beak when he did we would have buried him (I'm not kidding; Dad had his shovel out). I took on the job of Mommy and am proud to say that the little dude is much better. We have introduced him to solid foods and have flying lessons every day. He will be going home Christmas Eve, and we have every faith in his successful re-entry into dove society.

And finally, I have been bitten by the Molehill Empire and letterboxing bug. Lime 'n' Violet screws me again.

Happy Holidays!

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Aunt Kathy said...

Wow Becka if my husband would cook and clean and bake I'd work and love to let him stay home. LOL

Spaghetti is cute...

Now I need to investigate what Molehill Empire and Letterboxing is.