Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wait A Minute Mrs. Postman

I have been uncharacteristically dreading mail service this last week. You see, I slaughtered a knitter and am fearing retribution through the USPS. Before the authorities come to my house to investigate a possible homicide or misuse of the postal service, I should explain that I am participating in Hat Attack 2.

For those who may not have heard of it, Hat Attack is a knitting competition of sorts. The participants are all assigned assassins and targets. On a predetermined day in a predetermined time frame, the pattern for a hat is released. The object is to knit the hat to the specifications of the pattern, then mail it to your target. When your target receives it, they are dead, and must forward what they have finished of their hat to you so that you may kill their target. All this time your assassin is knitting and trying to kill you with their knitting.

This round is being sponsored by SWTC, and the yarn suggested is their Therapi line. Of course, I substituted something in the stash, white Rowan Cashsoft Baby DK and frilly Rowan Kid Classic. Firefairy always comes up with these amazing patterns that are challenging and make beautiful hats, but I'm not sure I would do if my knitterly life was not at stake. It's like eating tough ribs: too much effort, not enough reward. I think I will use the colors and stripe pattern again, but the Fibonacci ribbing is just too much.

So right now I am hunkered down in my apartment, for the first time hoping the extremely pleasant mail carrier doesn't bring me anything. Well, except for this:

I really lucked out with my SP12 pals, both downstream and up. My secret pal sent me a box chock full o' goodness, including the pattern and yarn for one of the oldest projects in my ravelry queue. She also sent me some wonderful yarns and teas and so many squee-worthy goodies that were exactly what I wanted but wouldn't admit to myself. You may notice that the novel in the picture is rather uncomfortably sitting on it's open spine. She was kind enough to leave a little note in the front proclaiming this as her favorite book, so I cracked the book to see what it was about and ended up reading a third of it before I knew what hit me. I had to force myself to put it down and take a picture of all my fabulous loot before heading out of town to my father's wedding... but that is another post.

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