Tuesday, December 04, 2007

On Top of Things

At the risk of sounding cocky and getting smacked-down by the righteous hand of Fate, I think I have this holiday thing under control. The holiday cards went to the mailbox yesterday evening. The few knitted presents are either done or damn near. The holiday package that usually wouldn't be sent to my grandparents in Hawaii until after the holidays should arrive there this week. I even found and purchased a gift of unsurpassed awesomeness for the HusBoy. Okay, so I'm broke and it's only the beginning of the month, but the rent and bills have been, the savings account is as of yet untouched, and even the super-secret holiday account has yet to be plundered. And now that I'm just about done doing the purchasing thing, I just have to stay off of etsy and out of the bookstores and I'm golden.

So, enjoy your first night of The Festival of Lights. Yarn Yenta, your gift is in the mail (hey, even I'm not perfect).


errs said...

Woo hoo! I'm impressed. I've just got to sew on the tags and pick up one last gift and my side of the family is done. :D

But, I want to know -- how's the DUCK going?

Heatherly said...

i gets a gift?!
whoohoo! ok...unless it is siraeli salad that is going to ooze out the box.... that could be scray :-)