Wednesday, December 19, 2007

bored bored bored

I got back to the hotel after work today and I am bored. Bored bored bored bored bored-itty bored bored. It turns out that the only thing that was sustaining me throughout this whole ordeal of being away from home was that I was able to do my Deep UnderCover Knitting without worry. Now I am just far away from my home, husband, and stash without much to do.

Not that I haven't tried. I contacted the local yarn shop to see if they were having an evening sit 'n' knit. They aren't, and I would be there too late for the regular afternoon session. Crap.

There is actually a putt-putt golf course right across the parking lot, but it's colder than my leftover porkchop out there. I may bundle up later and hit the batting cages for a while, but that usually makes my hands swell up.

I could go shopping; there's a mall right across the freeway. Of course, that would require GOING TO THE MALL. Naw, I'm good.

There is a movie theatre not too far from here that plays some of the older movies. I usually wouldn't go to the movies all by myself, but these are desperate times, folks.

I'm going to work on the second Mary Poppins' Scarf and weigh my options. And maybe fall asleep, who knows?

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errs said...

May I suggest some mitts from KnitSpot or the Unoriginal Hat? Easy enough to knit so you can watch horrible hotel cable. Enough interest (decreases, cables) so that you don't go totally crazy.