Thursday, November 01, 2007

Math is No One's Friend

You'd figure, as a knitter, I would be more math-friendly. I mean, aren't we all just building geometric, 3-D shapes that sometimes impress the heck out of us? Yes we are, and I'm still not. Friendly. Towards math. At all.

"Why? For the love of wool, why?", all the number-nuzzling fiberistas cry. Well, I did some icky math and figured out that:

20 skeins of yarn
-5 skeins knit already
15 skeins to knit before Christmas


15 skeins to knit/5 weeks (away from home)=
I have to knit at least 3 skeins a week to meet the deadline.

If anyone was wondering why I'm not gifting the DUCK for Hanukkah, you can probably figure out why I'm opting to get him a mezuzah. This year the Festival of Lights comes a bit earlier in the month, and right now I'm only busting through 2 a week. Even this rate of production may be affected once I get to a point where I have to pay attention to what I'm doing, not to mention that my arms are already a little achy from said busting. 1+2=I'm so out of luck on this one. Or 3, depends on whether you're working in base 10 or 8. (apologies to Tom Lehrer, another case of can't help myself).

So, I'm going to go now and do some more busting and busting up with LnV. I think I'm on episode 14(?). The HusBoy may owe them a thank-you note if this sweater ever gets done.

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trek said...

Hey! I like math!