Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Let the FO's Roll!

I thought of you all and took a picture of my latest knitting achievement. Of course, in true Knitting Wounded fashion, procrastinated in actually preparing said picture for publication and am now without.

Guess I'll just have to give you the pattern, huh.

Sara's Damn That Was Easy Scarf

disclaimer: This scarf is, in fact, so fast and sooooo easy to do that, even if I have seen it on another blog and forgotten, a knitting zebra could have figured this one out on their own, given the time, inclination, and thumbs. Please don't flame me or run me down with your mini-van as I cross the street. I'm actually quite well-meaning and make a mean batch of muffins.

With any yarn that you'd either want to work with or desperately want to get out of the house, leave a long end and cast a bunch of stitches on a large-gauge circular needle. I used a chunky-ish weight yarn and cast on 80 stitches on a US17, but do what you think will work with your yarn. The scarf will stretch once it's off the needles, so don't go nuts; you'll end up with a mile-long scarf. Once all the stitches are cast on, leave a long tail and cut your yarn. Bam, you've got the start of fringe on both sides with no ends to weave in.

All consecutive rows: Leave a long end, then:
For a garter-stitch scarf: K all rows, starting from alternating ends of the needle.
For a stockinette scarf: K all rows, starting at the same end of the needle.
Leave another long end when finished with each row.

Knit until you're sick of it, then bind up your stitches and cast that bad boy off. If you're some sort of perfectionist you can then trim your fringe/hangy-off ends and viola! Instant prezzie. My scarf was 14 rows wide (including cast-on and -off) and took me all of two or three hours to complete.

I'll get a picture up as soon as I get home and actually do something with it. I've been a lot better about posting on a semi-regular basis lately; I've even been updating my Ravelry page. I'm knittingwounded if y'all are interested in being my bestest buddy (wink-wink, nudge-nudge).

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aija said...

i want to grow up to be a knitting zebra. :)