Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tripping on the Bar

Has anyone else ever gotten to the point in their knitting "career" where the projects just keep getting more and more complex until all you want to do is knit a garter-stitch scarf until you run completely out of yarn and look like the fourth Dr. Who? Don't tempt me people; I have the hair to pull it off....

Sorry about that, but my socks and the shawl both require me to read the charts line-by-line, leaving no room for the auto-pilot knitting that soothes the soul. The complexity + the heat= a knitter reading smut and playing with her tamagotchi instead of knitting.

I do have one finished project to show for all my reading and watching tv, the Cable-Ready bag from Lion Yarn, knit in WotA Bulky with some of the leftovers from (Hus)Boy's Holiday Socks thrown in for color. I love how it looks but actually opening and closing the bag is a pain in the tookus. This will most likely be foisted onto some unsuspecting recipient and reknit once I come up with a better idea for the handle.

Oh, and the Yarn Harlot's coming to LA in September; she'll be right across the street from Husboy's office, of all places. Anyone else coming?

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SagePixie said...

I'm going!