Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Short & Squatty

I have been feeling short and squat lately... ala Amanda's Squatty Sidekick from Knitting Daily. It popped up in my email and I said, ooh, I want a Squatty! It has consumed my every free moment.

I finished the whole shebang this morning. I pulled the two skeins of Noro Silk Garden from the stash; the colors are incredible. Yeah, yeah, I know. Noro Silk Garden, while fabulous, has very little wool in it. But how could I say no to this?

I couldn't. So I did some hunting online and found a few folks (I cannot remember which sites, I'm sorry) who have actually felted it, though it apparently takes a lot of effort. How many times do you think I'll have to go down this hallway in my apartment basement:

To this laundry room:

To put four quarters into this machine:

and yank it out to see if there's been any progress? Anyone who guesses correctly gets sock yarn.

I'll moisturize my hands before trying to open an envelope.

1 comment:

Donna Lee said...

Your squatty bag is adorable, even unfelted. I have never felted anything (on purpose that is) so I have no idea how long it would take. Is it hard to do? I really liked the pattern and thought of making it myself as a gift but the felting kind of intimidated me....