Tuesday, June 26, 2007

KnitPicks Totem - Hematite Red #6036

So, I've been knitting on the cabled front of the $1.50 Cardigan and it has become just a little tedious. I still love the lace stitch, but after fifteen inches straight now and it has started to lose its charm.

The only reason I've been knitting on it as furiously as I have is that I am hoping that I will somehow alter time and space and knit faster than the yarn is being used up. The one ball alloted to this front is simply not going to cut it, and though the lighter patterning of the other front will probably consume less yarn, I am pretty sure I will run out before I complete to the button band.

So, if anyone has any Knit Picks Totem in Hematite Red, Lot # 6036, please let me know? I think I've already promised my first-born to someone, but I must have something around here you'd like.

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trek said...

Well, if I can't have the first-born, I'm not sending yarn. Actually, I do have Totem - in Northwest Cloud. Sorry! Good luck.