Friday, June 29, 2007


Non-knitting rant with some foul language followed by some knitting content below.
Blogger discretion is advised.

Ladies and gents, I have had a craptastic week. Without belaboring my gripes against the world, I hereby present the following rhetorical questions:
  • Why is that, in a neighborhood where parking is a challenge to say the least, everyone suddenly decides that their car needed to be four feet away from all the other cars? If everyone would scoot their gas-guzzling behinds up a few feet, two more cars would be able to park!

  • I am a grown woman and very rarely break down in hysterics at work; if you interview me and decide that I'm not your cup of tea, could you at least answer my emails regarding the position?

  • What the fuck is everyone honking about?!?

  • When did Jerry Springer start filming his shows outside my bedroom window at 3am?

  • The pizza guy called me "Ma'am". I know that's not a question, but I don't give a flying sausage & cheese.

Sorry about that, but you have to let the bad stuff out to make room for the good stuff. Letsee, good stuff.... Oh yeah:

The Noro Sidekick has been satisfactorily re-blocked (4 empty dvd cases, viola). It looks a tad lumpy in the picture, but it's really faboo. That's one more thing off my to-do list!

Speaking of to-do lists, just stole three hours of my life away from me, and you know what? Once I got the hang of it and spent some time playing with the features, I think I'm in love!

I got yarn in the mail today! I traded someone my duplicate IK magazines and she sent me Noro! Woot Woot!

And the best and brightest of the good things that put the universe back in balance for me: I found someone with a half-skein of Knitpicks Totem in Hematite. It should be just enough to make it through the $1.50 Cardigan, WOO-HOO!!!

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