Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Six Months

The Husboy and I slipped away to the Magic Kingdom yesterday, and while we were looking at the new exhibit in the Disney Gallery we figured something out:

Six months ago, in this very spot, the dork in the Dodgers cap asked the dork with the sock-&-a-half in her purse to marry him. What a long, strange six months it has been! Speaking of socks, if anyone happens to find a Clover Takumi size 0 bamboo dpn between the Matterhorn and Space Mountain, it's mine...

In knitting news, I just realized that I haven't provided you with even the teeniest peek of the $1.50 cardigan. Well, too bad, the batteries in the camera have died and I am too lazy to find the replacements. Maybe there'll be pictures once the second sleeve is done, who knows?

Another sign that the world is finally coming back to normal for me: I ordered a whole bunch of non-wedding related books from Amazon. Aija was kind enough to clue us all in on the Knitting Nature / Last-Minute Knitted Gifts two-pack for 10.98, who am I to pass up such a deal? Unfortunately, Amazon seems to have come to their senses; the set will now set you back $32.94. There are other insanely priced two-packs if you like golf or chocolate, just in case.

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