Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Viva La Calcetera

Warning: Spanglish Ahead

So, what is a knitter to do when she gets to the let's-see-how-much-yarn-is-left-after-the-second-sock point on the first of Boy's Holiday Socks?

That's right! Take the second sock to Mexico! Viva La Calcetera!

La calcetera translates to "hosier" in English, but since I was knitting a sock in Mexico it was just bueno. My father has been promising to take me across the border for anos y anos y anos, and I think he wanted to get this trip in before I got all esposa'ed.

We ate lamb burritos and lobster and picked up some tchochkes (that's actually Yiddish-ish, aren't I international today), but I know what you came to see...

The sock's favorite stop on our trip was Fox Studios Baja, where they filmed Titanic, Master & Commander, and other big-budget water movies.

Here is the sock on the set of X-Men III, in the X-Hallway.

They even let the sock stand at the helm of the ship from Master & Commander. (If you look very closely you can see that the ship is land-locked, but we didn't bother the sock with that detail.)

Back at home, the chuppah is stretch-blocked, trimmed, and ready for April. My LYS is hosting a Knit Til You Drop night the Friday before the wedding. I told Boy I was thinking of attending to give myself a last-minute break from the wedding. He said that I'd probably be working furiously on the wedding shawl. The Boy knows me too well...


Bean said...

Looks like you've been keeping busy! How is that knitting needle case holding up?


Boy said...

I am most certainly right about the shawl, and I just realized something: Since the land-locked ship is down in Mexico, wouldn't the movie be "Master y Commander"?