Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Rain Delay

It's raining in our bathroom:

The shiny spots you see is water seeping through my bathroom ceiling. The source:

This pipe that the plumbers so graciously yanked out of my bathroom wall. One must expect some difficulties with 80-year-old pipes, but you know it's bad when the plumbers say, "aw shit".
As the only doors in my apartment are the bathroom and front doors, both of which must stay open to let the plumbers do their thing, Stinker and I have been barricaded into the main room all day. While I kept an eye on my little escape artist, I also gained a day off from running around like a loony-to-be and had a chance to finish yet another project!

The Knit.1 Heart Tank (seen here unblocked) has been completed and is much more flattering than this picture would lead you to believe. Remember the ball of yarn I traded for because I thought I would run short?

The first person who emails me at lastinsiteATverizonDOTnet will get 1.75 balls of Knit One Crochet Too Angora Soft Color #635, Lot #050224-9.
Jill of Adventures of Bean asked how the needlecase I bought from her last year during my Syracuse trip was holding up. It is performing excellently and I have been extremely happy with it. She has an Etsy shop, why not go take a peek?

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