Sunday, January 14, 2007


I apologize (once again) for my extended absence, but I've been feeling, well, blah lately. I haven't been checking the blogs lately, haven't been posting, haven't really felt like doing anything....

Hey, can I tell you guys something? I'm sick of wedding planning already. Not that I've gotten anything done... I've picked out a bakery for the cake, but I haven't gone dress shopping, made arrangements with the cantor or the coffee shop where we're having the reception (they're both reserved for the day, but that's about it), or any of the other things I supposedly must do.

I have been working on the chuppah...

Trek asked, "How long on the afghan?" Now, I'm not sure which long she was asking about, so here's the information I've got: The pattern says it should end up 42" x 60" with the fringe. I started working on it the summer of 2004, I think. It is coming along pretty quickly, so it should be done in plenty of time, unless I drop it for another project... You see, I don't know if I've become a technique snob, but I swear that crocheting this afghan is sucking away my will to create. Last night I looked at Boy and said, "I'm sorry. I know I should be working on the chuppah, but I just want to knit."

Turning a heel has never been so satisfying!

Overdue Thank You's!

I have been uncharacteristically lax in my thanking of my trading buddies. And I have lots to be thankful for; I made out like a bandit!

Thanks to Naomi for the laceweight she spun up for me!

Thanks also to the Yarn Yenta for sending along the Knitting Nature book and offering to help me knit the kippahs. I apologize if I confused you, I thought I read chuppah instead...

Thanks also to Mikey (who does not read the blog, but I'll thank him anyhoo) for the MOKS book for Christmas!

In blog news, my links are still screwed up. I just learned how to use the old blogger and they switch it up on me! I'll try working on it this week (I should have really paid more attention in that programming class in high school instead of passing notes to Boy...).


Heatherly said...

SO, DO YOU YES WANT HELP THEN ? :-) oops tali caps'd my letters

trek said...

Summer of '04, eh? ;o)