Monday, December 25, 2006


For anyone who does not know, a mitzvah is, essentially, a good deed. It is also one of those Hebrew words I love to say, along with challah.

I knit this scarf all day on Thursday while watching Boy's father sleep. Specs: Two skeins Caron Simply Soft red & tweed + a little bit of leftover Caron Simply Soft in Black. Knitted on size 15 needles, simple 1x1 ribbing pattern. This scarf is destined for the Red Scarf Project in his memory.

I knitted incessantly during the waiting, the arrangements, and all the travelling (I did put the needles away during the service, in case anyone was wondering exactly how crass I am in real life). Say hello to the Fantasia socks, in memory of the ice cream you can't get at Disneyland anymore. I was hoping these would be for me, but Boy's aunt latched onto them and I can't. deny. her.

And in happier news:

I finished the first feather and fan socks, and gave them to my boss in one of the niftiest gift boxes ever:

I looked at this pattern at Knitty and said "honestly,who would make a coffee sling?" Well, apparently me. My immediate boss was impressed, but this package was for the big boss, and I haven't seen her yet to get her reaction. I think it was a pretty nifty way to use some of my leftover Trekking (I still wish I kept the socks though...).

I also used this holiday to announce to Boy that, since he had the good sense to propose, the knitting embargo is now over. This ball of Mountain Colors Bearfoot (Juniper colorway) will become gigantic socks for his gigantic feet sometime in the near future. He could not be more pleased.

Hope your holiday was happy, with love from the Kitty in the Box!

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Heatherly said...

i love that making challah is a mitzvah!