Saturday, October 14, 2006

Now We've Done It...

You are all in so much trouble.

You know who you are, you fiber-pushers, teasing me with your tales of spinning and all the gorgeous pictures.I've left multiple requests in the comments on your blogs to quit leading me into temptation. And yet, the pictures of batts and roving and wheels continues unabated.

So last night I start looking at the possibility of trying hand spinning, just to see if I like it. It turns out that drop spindles are not terribly expensive at all; in fact, they come in little learn-to-spin kits with instructions and roving and everything. I could try making my own yarn for under $20.

Anyone notice that greased slope coming up?

Well, apparently Boy sees it. I told him that I was thinking of ordering a learn-to-spin kit and was going on and on about how inexpensive it was and what came with it and how much fun it would be.

Boy told me "No".

I don't know if the new job has caused his cajones to drop an inch or two, but he looked me straight in the face and told me no. I was so surprised that I argued the point for a few minutes before realizing what had happened. Boy has never told me no. I am still in shock; he's told me that we can't afford something or we didn't have room, but he has never just flat out denied me anything before. I'm not sure what to do with this, but there will be repurcussions. Dire consequenses and what not. And none of this would have happened withoutyou all tempting me with your spinny goodness and pushing Boy to the breaking point...

So, what's the best drop spindle to learn on?

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Amie said...

Anything that's pretty that inspires you! If you want to learn bad enough you can put a CD on a pencil!