Monday, September 18, 2006


Boy's Birthday Weekend has been going swimmingly, mostly due to the fact that, now that he' s working, he just to hang around the house during his off days. Today is his official birthday, and I requested a vacation day for it before he started working. Eh, I'm getting burnt out, I'm taking the day anyhoo. I could use an extra sleep-in day, not to mention the apartment is filthy...

The numerous health code violations that have sprung up since we've become a two-income household has not kept me from making progress towards my knitting goals. May I present

the Mystery KAL Socks, a mystery no longer. They were made on the nifty rosewood dpns Jen (of SP8 renown) sent over out of a KnitPicks yarn that they don't offer anymore and that I don't want to hunt down the band for just now. It's a little after midnight and I'm afraid to wake up Boy and ruin his Birthday at work. [Edit: later 9/18: The yarn is actually Sock Landscape in the Tropical Sunrise colorway] I don't know why I'm worried though, Stinker just knocked my plant off the top of the bookshelf and he didn't stir much for all that racket.

I also finished the first Rowan Big Wool Tuft scarf, done in Shiver with the same lace pattern as the KidSeta scarf, just using larger needles (US15) and fewer stitches across. The yarn looks even more interesting in person and should be plenty warm. I started the pink version right after I wove in the ends on Shiver. The colorway is called "Powder Puff", but I think Cotton Candy is a better fit in this application.

I am still waiting not-so-patiently for my KnitPicks order; in the meantime I seem to be on a lace kick. I am trying to pin down the best pattern for my last two skeins of the black Rowan dkSoft. I'm wishing that I had the confidence to take on a bigger project before I started piecing out those balls; that discontinued softness could have made an outstanding shawl...

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