Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Gitter Done

Half nekkid pictures below. Nothing PG13, but I'd rather not offend anyone...

Okay, I post three times in one day, then disappear off the face of the Earth? What the hell? You guys deserve much better; I wouldn't blame the lot of you for leaving right now...

Hey! Get back here! I can explain myself! I even have pictures!

Instead of blogging about my knitting, I have been knitting. In fact, I have been knitting the Angora Bodice like a woman possessed. I have not been this frenziedly monogamous to any one project in... I don't think ever. I'm not sure it's good for my psyche, but I am making bum-loads of Progress:

Here is the bodice at the first fitting late last week (please pardon the booby). If you look very carefully, you can also see my tattoo peeking cheekily from the bottom of the picture. Or is it belly-ly? It seems a little small, but only because I was too lazy to take it off the circular needle. I can tell you that the yarn is yummy, soft, and warm, probably why I've been knitting on it so much.

Now, this is the sweater as of... now. I went through the first set of purl ridges and 2/3 of the lace panel on Saturday when I was stranded in LA. Thankfully I was stranded near the public library, so I took some reading breaks to give my arm a rest. The library also had a cafe and gift shop, so I took a lunch break too.

Unfortunately, the breaks didn't save me from being achey on Sunday, so I did something else productive:

Behold my pattern collection, tucked into individual plastic sheet protectors, sorted by pattern type, and placed into a binder with color-coded dividers. No longer are mismatched pattern printouts wandering the house like they owned the damn place. That's Stinker's job!


Allison said...

After your wrote "please pardon the booby", I actually repeated it out loud and then giggled like Butthead. Uheheheheheh.
I'm still giggling.

Heatherly said...

great progress, my cheeky monkey! i am dying to work on mine but have to get my SSS sock finished.
I am already planning my next one...