Wednesday, September 20, 2006

All By Myself

Thanks to everyone for your kind thoughts during my ickiness. I am happy to report that my innards have, after much discussion, decided to stay put for the time being. Today was filled with recuperation, rehydration, and a fair amount of knitting and napping, my two favorite things.
Here is the Cotton Candy scarf picture I promised. The scarf was actually done on Monday, but this previous pic looks better than the finished product photos.

The knitted bodice is coming along rather well; I'm just getting into the region where every row is so... freaking... long... that it drives me bonkers. I am a repeat and a half from separating the sleeves again and am hoping for the best.

Boy is now working afternoons, which means I've spent the greater part of my sicky time by myself, watching dvd's and getting depressed. There is hardly anything in the fridge, and in my weakened condition I didn't want to make a big production of feeding myself, not to mention cooking for one is even more depressing.

That said, say a hearty Knitting Wounded "Heya" to my dinner tonight! I took a package of mashed potato flakes, a can of condensed cream o' celery soup, and some water, nuked it for six minutes, then added those fried onions you put on top of green bean casserole at Thanksgiving. It was much better than it sounds; I'm leaving a note on it for when Boy comes home: "You can eat this, just don't ask what it is". What do you want to bet it will be there in the morning.Oh, and here is a gratuitous kitty picture. While it may look like she was interrupted in the middle of licking her bum, she's actually getting all revved up for Socktoberfest. Are you?

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