Wednesday, August 02, 2006

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

I am well aware that August has just begun, but since this weekend is probably the closest thing I'll get to an actual summer vacation, here's my homework:

In light of Boy's sudden promotion from unemployed slob to employed slob, he decided to blow some of his freelancing money to show me a good time.

We went on a short sea voyage (actually, just across the harbor). The bootie did not get sick at all, but was much more comfortable once we were back on land. We even visited the yarn shoppe from whence the bootie's yarn came, but I somehow came out without buying anything. Was it my Summer of Stash vow or my bad experience on my birthday? Who can say?

We ended up at the Seal Beach Inn, the best little B&B in I've ever run into. Last year my boss at the time suggested we try this place out when he heard they were turning off our water for the weekend. We stayed in this tiny tiny tiny room that isn't listed on the website. We had a bed, a shower, and a splendid time. This time, however, we stayed in a deluxe King Suite and had a splendid time. I highly recommend staying here, the folks are friendly, the rooms are well-appointed, and a lovely afternoon tea and hearty breakfast are included.

When we got home, we discovered that the Crusoe's had a litter of booties. I am pleased to report that bootie-mania is over and I'm back to trudging through adult-sized socks.

UPS paid me a visit on Monday evening, bringing me the zipper and thread for the chocolate Mariah, and this:

A ball-winder! The nifty light-up swift is actually my bedside lamp. I read about someone else using a lamp as a makeshift swift and figured it would do for now.

And it did do for these two balls. Say "hello" to Jen's sock yarn, all wound up and ready to roll!

I tried to do these skeins to show Boy when he got home, but we quickly found out that these skeins are larger than my lampshade...

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