Monday, August 14, 2006

Depp Knitting

This is how long Pirates of the Carribean is:

Stinker was suprised I could keep my eyes off of Kiera Knightley and Johnny Depp long enough to knit anything. After having a crush on them both for so long, I was suprised to find myself a little sickened by the smooching scene... Who knew?

I'm also a little sick of the constant sock knitting, so I decided to whip up a hat.

This is Swell from Knitty, which my wonderful secret pal found for me when I could not figure out where I saw it. I'm knitting it entirely on dpn's cuz I'm too impatient to wait until I can get the right size circular needle, hence the six point protectors The brown is Wool O'De Andes leftover from the Chocolate Mariah. The blue is of unknown content, but I'm pretty sure it's acrylic. I'm not sure how these two fibers will mix, but the colors will go very well together. This hat is destined to be a holiday gift for my little brother, if it fits his bulbous head.

The owner of said bulbous head will be celebrating his 22nd birthday tomorrow, so if you would send some kind thoughts towards the high desert, I'd appreciate it. It may make up for the fact that I forget to call him almost every year...

Also, I sent my secret pal her last package today, so, if you're reading this: Hi Shannon! Of course, if you're not Shannon don't ruin the suprise!

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