Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sockin' it to the Magic Kingdom

Disclaimer: I did not want to do the "sock on tour" thing that the Harlot is now famous for. All I was going to do is maybe have someone take a picture of me knitting in queue for a ride. I apologize for the blatant copycat-ing and the picture-heavy post, but something had to be done.
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Yesterday was the last day of my vacation, and, as planned, we went to Disneyland with a small contingent of Boy's family. I get up to the security screening area, knapsack and knitting bag open, expecting to just walk through. Sometimes the screeners ask what I'm knitting before sending me on my merry little way, but I've never encountered a problem. Until now.

Screener: Oooh, you can't bring knitting in.
Me: Thank you. Wait, what?
Screener: You can't bring knitting needles into the park.
Me: I always bring my knitting. The needles aren't even metal (I did not point out that I routinely take these needles on airplanes, but I digress).
Screener: You'll have to take them back to your car.
Me: I didn't come in a car. Is there somewhere I can store them, like a locker or something?
Screener: Yeah, but it will cost more.
Boy: Okay, we'll put them in a locker when we get into the park.
Screener: Okay.


Anonymous said...

Hubby is a CM at WDW, the needle stuff is crap. You CAN bring knitting needles in, metal or bamboo. Someone was just being a jerk. Don't let it bother you.
The sock looks great!

Jill said...

Yay for knitting at Disneyland! If you see me knitting there, please come say "Hey chick, that's not allowed!" er... come say "Hi!"