Wednesday, July 26, 2006


It's hot. I'm tired. I'm sick of booties, thankfully I only have a half-bootie left. I'll take a picture and strut my booties once it's done.

In the meantime, in search of a challenge, I started the wrap pattern that my sweet-bootie Secret Pal sent me:

Challenge sure, but this pattern was kicking my butt. I was knitting off the chart and line 13 (it would be 13) would not come out right. I became increasingly crabby as I tinked and knit and counted and tinked and counted and knit. I yelled at Boy and pitched a hissy fit, thinking myself too stoopid to pull off a lace pattern.

Then I tried knitting off the written pattern. The #^%!*@ chart is missing a symbol. The funny thing is, I was just coaching one of my employees (it still feels funny to say "my employees") that, more often than not, the problem is not with her, but with the information the customer feeds her. Irony anyone?

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Anonymous said...

Oh Becka! I am so sorry. I never saw any pattern corrections on the website and haven't tried the pattern myself yet. I'm glad at least the written directions were correct! Otherwise, how is it knitting up?