Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Look at all them purdy FO's!

After I finished my post last night, I got the notion to start keeping track of my finished objects on the blog. Tired beyond comprehension, I somehow entered the code correctly, and SHAZAM! we have a list of accomplishments. I had no idea how much I had actually done. It doesn't seem like a lot when I'm working on them and sending them on their merry little way, but when you lay it all down, it's not a bad bit of work for four months.

Tonight is the local SnB night, but I don't think I'll make it. Again. I want to go, I really do, but it's kinda far off without a car and all. I saw this orange VW beetle for sale by the laundromat and fell in love. Too bad I'm broke.

I digress, we were talking about group knitting/fiber orgies. I live in downtown; there has to be some other knitters somewhere around here. I'm thinking about contacting the original group and asking if they minded if I started one down here on a different night. Hmm, there's a coffeeshop just down the street that would be perfect! What do you think?

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