Monday, March 06, 2006

The Question No One Asked...

This is a bit of a bummer; no one reads my lame-ass blog...

Well, nuts to you, I'm going to read my own blog and ask myself a question:

What exactly are your "millions of projects" waiting in the wings?

That's a very good question, Me. Here's a list of projects I want to make and have yarn set aside for:

~Dad's blue birthday socks, done in KnitPick's Essential ripping off of this pattern.
~My Lorna's Laces Birthday Socks, done in the Ribble pattern from this book.
~Jessie's blue self-striped socks in KnitPick's Parade, pattern undetermined.
~KnitPick's Simple Stripes, exact pattern and recipient undetermined.
~KnitPick's Essential again, this time in brown, some lacy pattern, recipient undetermined.
~Pair of striped socks out of all my sock yarn leftovers, pattern and recipient undetermined.

~The Chocolate Mariah (In slow progress, I'm on the boring back part)
~For my Grandma Biggs, the Knitting Geek's Simplest Shawl out of this green cotton/ramie sweater I got a thrift store for a dollar. This depends a lot on my ability to frog the sweater without destroying the yarn and my sanity. She'll even appreciate that I got the yarn on the cheap; she's a bargain fiend =)
~The Twisty Turns wrap(?) from Wrap Style
~I'd like to do a striped shawl/sweater/thingy out of all the brown acrylics I've got lying around.

~Birthday Noro Hat (almost done)
~Another hat or a scarf out of the other ball of Birthday Noro
~Finger Puppets for Ava using this pattern.
~Arm warmies out Rowan CashSoft, probably adapting from this pattern.
~Stuffed toys for Jen and Jessie's sister Caitlyn.

That's all I can think of right now... I'll add on as I move along through my Stash O' Doom.

Oh, guess what? Boy's been reading At Knit's End. He likes it and thinks you should read it too. He might just read this book next...

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