Sunday, March 12, 2006

Let's try a Contest!

In an attempt to find out if anyone is reading my blog, I will now be hosting the first Knitting Wounded Comment Contest! I need your help to figure out what knitting to take on my first business trip, and I am willing to bribe you with this:

This, my dear duckies, is a damn-near ancient book of patterns for men's sweaters. The one in the picture is not the one you'll get. The one you get comes with three defunct dollar-off coupons too (they expired in 1983)! It was published in 1982 and includes a whopping 15 classic men's sweater patterns and one golf club mitten pattern with color (sepia and green are colors) photographs. I think this book is especially nifty since Bucilla doesn't even love us knitters anymore... I checked: their website is all needlepoint stuff.

The best part? All you have to do is delurk and drop a suggestion in the leetle box...

There are a few things to consider:
~Jen's 20th birthday is April 30.
~Boy and I have our 3 year anniversary coming up on April 23, but I am not knitting him anything else until after we're legally stuck with one another. Don't feel bad for him though, because then I will be making him this.
~I am from Southern California. I will freeze in New York.

So, just leave a suggestion in the comments, win a prize. Deadline will be, oh, let's say Friday, March 31, it will give me time to send out the book and hit the yarn shop if I need to. The bestest one (or the only one, as the case may be) will get an email from me as well as accolades on the blog. Email me your address and your goody will be on its way!

In other news: I went to Google and typed in "knitting wounded" and I am the 6th site on the list! Okay, I'll admit that knitting wounded is not that common of a word combination, but I'll take what I can get... I tried to add my own blog to my Verizon Yahoo! page; dang thing can't find my feed or something... Any advice out there?

Oh, I finished unraveling the green sweater, I wish I had found earlier and read the Recycled Yarn Tutorial earlier... I'm off to wash the yarn, I'll let you know how it goes!


trek said...

I hate it when people come by and never post a comment, too.

My suggestion is (of course) that you knit a pair of socks for Jen's birthday. If I could suggest further, Jaywalkers in Socks That Rock. (peek at my blog).

Anyway, I don't knit sweaters for men much so keep the book for someone else.

Anonymous said...

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Susan said...

Oh, Good Lord! You have a spammer already Becka. They are so pesky!!!

Anyway, I'd love to see that pattern book. Any cable knits in there?