Saturday, January 14, 2006

Blog? What Blog?

Well, nuts.

I'm sorry, anyone foolish enough to read my blog and think I was going to ever come back and work on it. It proves how little aquainted we are... I do have an excuse, but it will sound lame. I had a teeny breakdown and didn't sit at my computer at all for about a month and a half. I'm mostly better now, but I failed my Critical Thinking class at University of Phoenix. So, I will by paying Verizon back for the class over the next few months. Yay me =(

Okay, so where were we? Oh, the holidays went suprisingly well. I screamed and cried almost every day, but still delivered hand-knit goodies to most of the women in my family, mostly WIP's that I finally wrapped up and, uh, wrapped up. I got a skein of recycled silk from The Hunger Site which I was planning to turn into a scarf for my neato Aunt Judy with this pattern. It is even more beautiful than it looks on the site, but the material took a little getting used to. I ended up giving that scarf to my ex's mother and bought 3 more skeins that I hand-wound while watching Fever Pitch with Boy. Long story short; Aunt Judy got her scarf, Boy's stepmom Ruth got one, and I actually broke down and kept one for myself. I even wear it, picture to come. My Aunt Sandy got a checkered scarf and headband that just needed finishing, and my Dad's girlfriend got a spiral scarf and some funky earmuff-thingies. I even finished another project and slapped it in a box, perfect Secret Santa present. Will this ever happen again? NO. All those projects had been sitting around for months/years/decades, so next year I will be neck-in-neck with the rest of you trying to get my holiday knitting done before we take the tree to the curb.

In other news: Boy's socks are finally done! I got the finishing done while watching the Rose Parade, maybe the third playing, but I'm not sure. While he didn't actually dance in them, he did wear them when we went out later to run errands. He said they were the most comfortable socks he's ever had and can't wait for another pair. Crap.

Currently, I am 2/3 through the first sleeve of my Chocolate Mariah. I joined the 2006 Year of the Sweater KnitALong at I am right on schedule, but everyone else is way ahead of me. Not bad for my first sweater, but the pressure is on. It is a gorgeous pattern, but I am not used to a longterm project like this. I'm used to doubling up my yarn so I can whip out a hat in two days. I need a freeking digicam!!! Pitures to come, promise!

There is more, but I want something to write about later on. I will try my best to keep this thing updated from now on, life permitting. Don't expect me every day or anything, but if I don't get to you once a week, send help.

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